880 Church Rd
Reading. PA 19607

General Info

Friday Nights 10 weeks $100 starting in December

Registration will open at 6:00 PM December 6 (first shoot). Payment in full must be made before added to the roster. Make checks payable to "Reading Archery Club."

All target will be 40cm - 3 spot targets.

Official start time begins at 7:00 PM with the last start time being 8:00 PM. Competitors will only be excused from (2) shoots with previous notification to event coordinator.  Scorecards will be collected from competitors  the following Tuesday AM for any makeup sessions. Competitors who makeup shoots must submit their scorecard and target. Any sessions not made-up within the allotted time frame will get zero for the week

Questions?? Email Wayne Kelly at wkelley@ptd.net


  • Scholastic (M/F) - Any Style (Must Be enrolled in School)
  • Men's Hunter (M, Age: 18+) - Hunter Style
  • Men's Other (M, Age: 18+) - Compound/Recurve/Barebow
  • Women's Hunter (W, Age: 18+) - Hunter Style
  • Women's Other (W, Age: 18+) - Compound/Recurve/Barebow


  1. Targets will be set at 20 yards / 18 meters.
  2. There will be (2) practice ends allowed prior to scoring.
  3. "X" ring on all targets count as 10.
  4. Rounds will be 3 arrows shot within 120 seconds for each end; each round will consist of 10 ends. Max score 300.
  5. Any arrow shot after allotted time, shot will be disqualified.
  6. All Qualifying score cards MUST be turned in, signed by archer.
  7. All tournament tie scores will be broken by "X" count; highest count wins.
  8. Any individual target of a 3 spot target that is shot more than once, the highest scoring arrow will be disqualified, and a zero scored for that arrow.
    8. Any arrow that lands in a neighboring target the highest scoring arrow of the end will be disqualified, and a zero scored for that arrow. (Only the lowest scoring arrow will be counted for the end).


50/50 Payout. More Shooters. Bigger Prizes.

  • 8 or More Competitors : 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded.
  • 4 or More (but less than 8) Competitors : 1st and 2nd place will be awarded.
  • 2 or More (but less than 4) Competitors : Only 1st place will be awarded.
  • If there is only 1 competitor in a division the division will be dissolved and the prize money distributed among the remaining divisions


Standard whistle commands will be strictly adhered to.

  1. When 2 blasts are sounded, archers proceed to shooting line. They will have 20 seconds to "ready-up" but no nocking of arrow
  2. When 1 blast is sounded, archers may proceed to shoot. Archers will have 2 minutes to shoot 3 arrows; step behind the shooting line when end is finished.
  3. When 3 blasts are sounded, All archers will advance to bails and retrieve arrows and score targets.

Note: Any non adherence to any of the above rules it is the event coordinator's right to disqualify the shooter from the competition

Any arrow dropped beyond the reach of the archer whereby the archer must move forward of the shooting line and/or interfere with any archer nearby will be considered shot. 


December Dates:

6,13,20, 27 (no shoot)

January Dates:

3,10,17, 24 (no shoot)

February Dates:

7,14 (no shoot), 21, 28

Equipment Requirements

Crossbows are not allowed

Arrows - Any arrow may not exceed 27/64" diameter (No Broadhead Tips)

  • Hunter Class - Sight lights are allowed. Stabilizer bars may not exceed 12". No magnification lens is permitted in the scope
  • Other Class: Compound Bow, Traditional, Recurve, Barebow with or without sight. Sight lights and magnification lens are not allowed.